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Se integran a industria 4.0 para poner a BC a la vanguardia


Tijuana B.C.- RSI México es una compañía tijuanense pionera en tecnologías de identificación de productos…


SMK Electronics presents strategies for 2016

Mexicali, BC.- SMK Electronics was recently recognized in the Large Company as the best by the California Institute for the Quality and Competitiveness.


UTC Aerospace and Eaton recognized for supporting employment inclusion

Mexicali, BC.- Twelve workplaces in Baja California received the distinctive "Inclusive Company Award, Gilberto Rincón Gallardo" granted by the Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare to promote the culture of labor inclusion of vulnerable populations.


SL Power Electronics is recognized for its commitment to operational excellence

Mexicali, BC.-  This is the third consecutive year that the company achieved such an important award.


Evaluated 10,000 manufacturing jobs for TVs

Mexicali, BC.- Given the high demand in the manufacturing of televisions in Tijuana, is expected to increase in the recruitment of maquiladora industries in the coming months, announced Oscar Rene Culebro  Medina, General Director of Business Groups.


Waiting for make investments in the sector of medical products

Tijuana, BC.- There are 25 prospects for the arrival of new investments in the industry to manufacture medical products that could generate 5,000 new jobs.


IVEMSA holds growth

Mexicali, BC.- The company consolidated operations with new customers that will generate around 700 additional jobs to more than 600 vacancies currently available in the group.


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