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Consolida RSI México operaciones en región Noroeste

 Tijuana, B.C.- En el marco de su 25 aniversario su apuesta es crecer dos dígitos en 2019, manteniendo su liderazgo en la fabricación de etiquetas industriales.


Prime Wheel Mexico announces plant expansion

Tijuana, B.C.- With an investment of 60 million dollars, the company dedicated to producing aluminum wheels, Prime Wheel Mexico, consolidate a new plant in Tijuana that will generate 1,200 job positions.


Furukawa Automotive Mexico gets GM Award for Excellence in Supplier Quality

Mexicali, BC.- General Motors (GM) awarded Furukawa Automotive Mexico Award for its Excellence Quality in 2015, by doing all requirements and quality standards requested during the year.


Eaton Electrical reaffirms social commitment

Tijuana, BC.- Through the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA), the company Eaton Electrical, promotes among its members continuing education, development and professionalism; contributing to the completion of studies 12 employees.


Bourns of Mexico receives award for excellence in quality

Tijuana, BC.- For having consistently exceeded the guidelines required excellence Bourns of Mexico (BDM) plant Tijuana, was awarded the "Award for Excellence in Supplier Quality".


Clover Wireless is committed to employee development

Mexicali, BC.- Since their installation in Mexicali its committed to providing comfortable work space with the best performance for their 10,500 employees.


Eaton: A lidership company in electronics manufacturing

Tijuana, BC.- Eaton Corporation is a leading energy management in global technology components and systems.


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