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Se integran a industria 4.0 para poner a BC a la vanguardia


Tijuana B.C.- RSI México es una compañía tijuanense pionera en tecnologías de identificación de productos…


Chromalloy Mexicali Awarded for Outstanding Quality and Performance

Mexicali, B.C.- Chromalloy’s 2017 Leadership Meeting was held in Palm Beach Gardens with approximately 90 members of Chromalloy and Sequa leadership.


Bazz Houston announces the continued expansion of its operations in Mexico

Tijuana, B.C.Two years ago, the company moved into a new facility in Tijuana which allowed it to greatly expand the range of its operations adding new processes that will lead them to increase their capabilities in the city of Tijuana.


Corrugated icon Michael Feterik returns to the packaging industry

Tijuana, Baja California.- After a short break from the corrugated industry, Michael Feterik has returned to the packaging arena.  An industry visionary, Mr. Feterik has entered into an agreement to become a partner of Corrugated and Packaging LLC (C&P LLC).


Mexicali becoming an Internal Combustion High Precision Turbocharger Motor Hub

Mexicali, B.C.- International expansion of production is developing according to plan: A mixed team from both companies had manufactured the first compressor wheel at CCN’s plant in Mexicali, Mexico, in early March 2016.


Yuma-Mexicali Manufacturers Alliance

Yuma, Arizona.- "PIMSA is now present in Yuma. Our plans now include the Imperial Valley, soon" said Xavier Rivas, PIMSA's VP of Development.


Furukawa Mexicali recognized as a Great Place to Work 2016

Mexicali, B.C.- On April 26th, 2016, Furukawa Automotive Mexico was recognized as one of the 100 best companies to work in Mexico.


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