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RSI México celebra el Red Label Night, cuarta edición


Tijuana, B.C.-Se llevó a cabo con gran éxito la cuarta edición del Red Label Night organizado por RSI México.

Tijuana, Baja California.- After a short break from the corrugated industry, Michael Feterik has returned to the packaging arena.  An industry visionary, Mr. Feterik has entered into an agreement to become a partner of Corrugated and Packaging LLC (C&P LLC).

 Mr. Feterik will be serving as CEO/President of C&PLLC.  He has stated, “I am excited about my return to the industry that I know and love.  I am confident that I can help what is already a very strong company become even more formidable by leveraging my experience, relationships, and knowledge.”


A legend in the corrugated box and container industry, Mr. Feterik launched Orange County Container Group (OCCG) in 1981. Starting with only four employees, Mr. Feterik built Orange County Container Group into a packaging powerhouse with top-line revenue of $550 million and approximately 2,700 employees. In the fall of 2012, Mr. Feterik sold OCCG for $340 million to an international corrugator company from Ireland.


C&P LLC is a privately held company with principles Mr. Ruben Villegas, Mr. Santiago Fernandez, Mr. David Ortiz and Mr. Michael Feterik.  The company is a US based organization registered in the state of California and was founded in 2014.  The company owns three businesses in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, and is known as “Corrugados y Empaques de Norteamerica S de RL de CV” (CENA).  They operate a foam extrusion plant that consists of a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) extruder and converting equipment to manufacture foam rolls, sheets and bags.  They also operate two hybrid sheet/foam fabrication plants.  These plants operate equipment that produce corrugated packaging and foam assembly products.  C&P LLC’s corporate offices are located in Otay Mesa, California where they also maintain a distribution center.  The company operates in over 230,000 Square feet and employs over 300 people in two countries.


Mr. Santiago Fernandez, co-founder of C&P, declared, “We are pleased to be reunited with Michael and look forward to his mentorship that will allow us to grow our position in the marketplace and take more market share.”


Mr. Kevin Feterik, who will manage US operations for C&P LLC, also voiced his enthusiasm, “We are back…….back with the old business partners and more importantly great friends, and I am eager to help take Corrugados to the next level.”


Mr. Villegas, Mr. Fernandez, and Mr. Ortiz all worked with Mr. Feterik while at OCCG from 1999-2012 and were instrumental in growing the company along the border region.

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