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Tijuana B.C.- RSI México es una compañía tijuanense pionera en tecnologías de identificación de productos…


Tijuana, México.- Smurfit Kappa has consummated the acquisition of Sound Packaging, LLC, and Corrugated Professionals, LLC, manufacturers of corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes in the growing market of Phoenix, Arizona, USA., Together they established what today is Smurfit Kappa Sound.


Smurfit Kappa Sound is a key to the operations of SK Group in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico addition. By joining Smurfit Kappa platform North America, provides greater ability to serve its customers along the 3,000 km of the border between Mexico and the United States.


In the momentous first day of trading as Smurfit Kappa Sound, Greg Hall and Tyler Howland, General Manager of SK Sound, welcomed the staff and shared with them the vision of growth and opportunity for the future of the company. "The expansion of the presence of SKNA in the United States will further enhance our ability to provide innovative solutions, smart and bring value to our customers and prospects packaging”,  said Greg Hall.

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