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Consolida RSI México operaciones en región Noroeste

 Tijuana, B.C.- En el marco de su 25 aniversario su apuesta es crecer dos dígitos en 2019, manteniendo su liderazgo en la fabricación de etiquetas industriales.


Tijuana, Mexico.- In order to have an active participation that contributes to the motivation and benefit of its partners, the company Baxter Tijuana, drives the internal program called "Our People".


Creating value products, "Our People" is a recognition program for employees, to prove to be extraordinary team members and positive example of how shared commitments are met.


The project leader, Eduardo Torres, said that to participate it is necessary to identify the walls called "Our People", where cards are placed so that the employees can be recognized and thanked for being themselves. It is important to place the name of both people, then HR department will grant stamps to be placed in a "Passport Baxter" that will have every member of the organization, whose accumulated stamps may be exchanged for different prizes.


"For this procedure was created a committee of employees who will be motivating and brought the program within the company" he said.

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