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Consolida RSI México operaciones en región Noroeste

 Tijuana, B.C.- En el marco de su 25 aniversario su apuesta es crecer dos dígitos en 2019, manteniendo su liderazgo en la fabricación de etiquetas industriales.


Mexicali, México.- As part of the efforts to increase their capacity in operation, the fishing division of Johnson Outdoors dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for recreational activities, expands its plant to add new processes in manufacturing products for recreational fishing.


Bismarck Vizcarra Mexicali plant manager explained that are part of the fishing division of corporate, and started operations in March 2013. At nearly 3 years have managed to expand the installed surface facilities of 54,000 feet to 79,600 square feet .


The manager stressed that this achievement is thanks to the commitment of employees and corporate confidence has given them for their responsibility, committed effort to quality and continuous improvement of its processes and safety of their workers.


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