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Consolida RSI México operaciones en región Noroeste

 Tijuana, B.C.- En el marco de su 25 aniversario su apuesta es crecer dos dígitos en 2019, manteniendo su liderazgo en la fabricación de etiquetas industriales.


Tijuana BC.- On a path of continuous improvement and in order to optimize the competitiveness of the firm Devicor Medical Products of Mexico, supported by its corporate, they made his first event "President's Kaizen" since the company was acquired by Danaher Corporation last December 2014.


In an interview with the leader of Danaher Business System, Luis Guzman, he said that Kaizen events are focused on continuous improvement of companies and their harmonic components and proactively, where the whole organization is involved.


In this regard, he stressed that the President's Kaizen took place in the manufacturing plant in Tijuana, where the work consisted of analyzing, investigating, enhance and ensure the sustainability of all the changes and countermeasures implemented in the new process established in work area.

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