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Se integran a industria 4.0 para poner a BC a la vanguardia


Tijuana B.C.- RSI México es una compañía tijuanense pionera en tecnologías de identificación de productos…


Mexicali B.C.-  In order to promote continuous improvement projects, SL Power Industries composed of four business units, including SL Power Electronics and MTE Corporation with operations in Mexicali, held annually the "Presidential Kaizen" event, being this time the hosts SL Power plant in Mexicali.


It is called Presidential because are involved the CEO of the Corporation as well as executives and employees of all divisions and plants. There was 4 teams to develop four integrated kaizens: Optimizing manufacturing area, reduction of time in testing electronic products, volume reduction of components in preparation, material flow and replenishment (Kan Ban) among others .The results exceeded original expectations thanks to the enthusiasm and participation of the working groups.


With a positive response, attendees had the scope of perform activities that are not usually carried out in their departments, and also interact employees as managers. They met the Mexicali plant, created empathy and shared experiences on best manufacturing practices, seeking continuous improvement of its facilities.

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