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Consigue Corrugados y Empaques un año sin accidentes


Tijuana, B.C.-A fin de reconocer el compromiso, fortalecer y fomentar una cultura de seguridad industrial. 

Martech Medical-PIMSA Twin Plant Concept Mexico-USA

Martech Medical Products, located in PIMSA Mexicali, has expanded its operation to the city of Yuma, Arizona.



Aerospace Delegation from Los Angeles Visits Mexicali

A delegation of eleven companies established in Los Angeles, California, visited Mexicali with the purpose creating a connection between the aerospace sectors in Los Angeles and Baja California regions.



AVERY: experiencing exponential growth

Tijuana, B.C.- With the transfer of various production lines, Company officials are expecting significant growth for the industrial sector in the area and will offer important positions within plant. 



Industrial Developer interested in coming to the Valley

During the Board of Supervisor’s meeting Tuesday, the board heard a presentation from Xavier Rivas, vice president of development of Mexicali-based industrial developer PIMSA.



Baja California: Northern Border Leader in Job Creation

Mexicali, B.C.- According to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) for every thousand habitants the state offers 8.3 jobs making the State of Baja California a leader in job creation for the month of April 2017. 



Gonvarri: Spanish origin company arrives in Tijuana

Tijuana, B.C.- Planning to start operating in June 2017 .



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